Why “Home” Automation Works for Commercial Spaces

smart security systems

Security hardware and alarm companies everywhere are jumping on the home automation trend. It’s no wonder, too. The ability to control the safety and security of your home from anywhere in the world is enticing. Most of the products allow you to keep track of doors being opened, activate the alarm system, control the temperature, turn lights on and off, and monitor smoke and fire.

The features offered by home automation systems really do keep families and homes safer. So, why wouldn’t you consider the same automation services for your business? Let’s consider how the home automation system would translate to a commercial space.


An automated system is so much more than a burglar and smoke alarm. Security automation lets you see when any door inside your building is opened, no matter the time of day or night. If there are sensitive documents, you can secure them with a master lock system and then ensure no one gains access at any time.


Smoke, carbon monoxide, and even water sensors can keep your employees safe at all times. Not only will the alarms alert anyone in the building during the time of fire or flooding, but they’ll also keep your building safe when no one’s there. That means your equipment and inventory will also be safe at all times.


Overhead for any business can be expensive. This problem is compounded when carelessness leads to lights being left on overnight, doors being left unlocked, and even heating and air set to unnecessary temperatures. With the ability to check from anywhere in the world, you can avoid the high payments that come later. You can also manipulate lights, thermostats, and even door locks to ensure continued safety and savings.


A camera system can give you that last bit of security you need. With eyes on doors, gates, hallways, and sensitive areas, you’ll always know what’s going on within your company. Cameras can also capture images that you can use in the case of theft or vandalism. It’s hard for a criminal to argue with photographic evidence.

The installation of a great home and commercial automation system should be secondary to stellar security hardware. Cameras and alarm systems are no substitute for high-security locks and deadbolts. Your best bet for top-notch safety is to first examine the locks, deadbolts, panic bars, and security doors within your commercial space. Then, when you’re sure you have the best available, consider automating your system.

Fortunately, we can help with security hardware and systems. From the very smallest to the tallest orders, we’re here to help.