What to Do When You Lock Yourself Out

locked out in nashville

You know the feeling: when the door clicks shut behind you, and your heart sinks down to your ankles. You pat your pockets and dig through your bag, but no dice.  You’ve locked yourself out. Now what?

It’s Your Lucky Day

The unluckiest of us will probably manage to lock themselves out of the house while wearing pajamas and nothing else. It’ll probably be raining—or worse, snowing. And, of course, they won’t have a phone.

These are the same people who manage to lock themselves out of their cars while the car is still running. The weather will be terrible—either too hot, too rainy, or below freezing.

You may be tempted to try breaking in. Blogs abound with tips for getting into your home or car without a key. We’d recommend not attempting a break-in, even on your own property. If you’re the unluckiest person alive, your well-meaning neighbors might call the cops on you. Even worse, you could cause serious damage to locks, windows, and doors.

A friendly neighbor will probably provide a towel, an umbrella, and maybe the use of a phone. Then call Hosse & Hosse. We won’t laugh when we arrive and you’re standing in the snow in your bunny slippers.

Why Call Hosse & Hosse?

In this day and age, you really can’t trust just anyone. “Local” locksmiths are no longer truly local. The large national chains that set up shop in towns to snap up local business still charge a premium. In many cases, they can’t help either. They may only succeed in damaging your property before charging an exorbitant amount of money.

You deserve someone you can trust when you’re having a bad day. We’ve been in business for 150 years for a reason, and that reason is trust. We’re a truly local business, ready to help people in Nashville and the surrounding area. You can count on us to provide timely, helpful, reasonable, and honest service.

And that makes you pretty lucky, even when you’re feeling as unlucky as you’ve ever felt.