Types of Safes


Hosse and Hosse carries a wide variety of safes for your commercial and residential needs. We understand the value of a secure safe, whether it’s simple to secure important papers and possessions or whether it is to provide protection from flood, fire, or any other natural disaster.

If you’re looking for a high quality safe for either protection from theft or fire, Hosse and Hosse has a wide range of brands available. However, we do not sell gun safes. Our safes have a range of lock types on them, some grade 1 and some grade 2, and depending on your safe needs, we can help you determine the best safe for you.

In considering your safe purchase, it’s important to think about what you will want to be storing in the safe. There are a few basic types of safe that may be of use to you in commercial and residential situations.

Wall safes

These are a common and popular type of safe for basic security needs. These are typically not large in size and can be hidden behind items such as cabinets or art and are great for securing items such as jewelry, confidential papers, and money.

Floor Safes

These are great for larger items that need to be secured underneath the floor. These are typically much bigger than a wall safe and are considered to be very secure.

Fire Safes

Fire safes can provide protection for items or documents up to a certain temperature, depending on the safe.

Gun Safes

These are for those who are licensed to own firearms; however, Hosse and Hosse does not sell general gun safes due to the lack of proven security offered by Gun Safes. Depending on the need presented by our customers, Hosse and Hosse can provide a recommendation that keeps our customers and their possesions secure.