Suggested Security Hardware Updates for Schools

security hardware for schools

The preponderance of school violence has led several educational institutions to seek new security hardware for the safety of teachers and students. In the past, doors were only locked from the outside, which was better for keeping out intruders when no one was in the building. The inability to lock classrooms from the inside also eliminated some of the pranks the school kids played on teachers. Now, however, upgrades are needed.

Classroom Locking Hardware

Without the ability to lock classroom doors from the inside, teachers have no way to protect school children from intruders. Barricading with furniture from the inside can only slow someone down. A lock, however, could fully discourage an intruder from attempting entry.

These locks are easy to engage without the need for a key, and they stand up against many lock-picking techniques. The installation on each door within a school building, whether primary, secondary, or even post-secondary, could provide a much safer environment for teachers and students in the event of an emergency.

Panic Bars

When visiting many schools, there’s a disturbing image you’ll see but think nothing of. This would be chains and padlocks wrapped around panic bars that lead to main thoroughfares or to the outside of the school. While this might provide more protection from intruders, the chains also pose a serious danger to all inside. Without easy exit in the case of an emergency, teachers and students may become trapped.

The answer is a fully working panic bar with locking capabilities from the inside and outside. This allows exit during emergencies without giving easy access to intruders. In addition to safer environments for children, your school will also be in compliance with building codes that state doors must be operable at all times during school hours.

Alarm and Camera Systems

When the worst-case scenario comes true, your school needs immediate notification. An alarm system will notify administrators of intrusion while a camera system will record the activities of those intruders. These systems can be used in tandem with intercoms and other notification actions so that all within the school can seek safety in the event of an emergency.

In addition to early warning, these systems also provide important information to authorities. Intruders have no recourse against camera images when in court.

If you’re interested in learning more about any of the hardware and security we might carry for your educational institution, feel free to drop by or call at any time. We’ll help you secure your building for the safety of all.