Safe Combination Changes

Residential and commercial safes are a great high security way to protect your most confidential documents and possessions. Depending on the type of safe, there will typically be a factory combination for the safe and a way to change this combination to your own personalized combination.  And, because there are a wide variety of safes available, the combination changing process changes from safe to safe.  Below, Hosse and Hosse has answered some frequently asked questions about safe combination change. 

What kind of safes can Hosse and Hosse change the combinations to?

Here at Hosse and Hosse, we can change the combination to just about any safe.  If you are concerned that we may be unfamiliar with the safe that you use, feel free to give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer your questions and address your concerns.

Can I change the combination on my safe myself?

While you may find access to instructional videos and tutorials online that guide you through a DIY process, our team suggests utilizing a locksmith to perform this service for you to prevent any unwanted lockouts or other problems you might encounter. 

Can you change the combination on electronic safes or biometric safes?


Do I need to change the combination from the factory combination that the safe comes with?

Yes, Hosse and Hosse highly recommends that you change the original combination the safe comes with to a unique combination that only you are familiar with. This can be the first step in preventing unwanted break ins.