Residential Lock Repair

Residential Lock RepairIn residential spaces, locks are used every single day, several times a day. And, just like any item that incurs every day use, locks are subject to wear and tear that may lead to necessary repairs. In addition to being able to provide re keying and lock change services, Hosse and Hosse can also perform lock repair services for your residence. 

If a lock in your home has been tampered with, burglarized, or simply worn down over the years, it is our pleasure to help repair this lock to get it back to everyday functionality for your security.  We can service virtually any type of lock necessary, so don’t worry about our ability to repair the locks in your home.  Our professionals are highly trained to work with a wide variety of locks and can offer skilled repair in a timely manner. 

Because residences utilize different locks in different spaces, we recommend that you do not try to change locks on your own without the help of a locksmith; this helps ensure the security of your home. If you have an antique lock that you want to preserve during repair, we are able to provide you with careful attention to restore the lock to a working state. Feel free to contact us or stop by the store if you need a residential lock repair service; we’re eager to assist you.