Our 150-Year Journey to Dedicated Nashville Security

150 years in business

When our doors opened 150 years ago, AF Hosse probably had no idea he was the start of a Nashville legacy. His first line of business was gun repair, but he did fix locks and safes on the side. Right there on North Market Street, which now goes by Second Avenue, customers experienced a feeling of security that hasn’t faded as years go by.

The Stops Along the Way

After several years at our location on North Market Street, we made the move to 438 Deaderick Street. At this point, we were fairly well known as locksmiths and less sought after for gun repair. During the early 1920s, several advancements had been made in the locksmithing industry, with security stronger than ever before. Hosse & Hosse continued to strengthen their brand through these years to become one of the most respected businesses in Middle Tennessee.

One highly visible change during this era, the recognizable key logo and sign, has remained a part of our identity since its introduction. The sign, which was created during our residence on Deaderick Street, made the trip with us to our current location in East Nashville.

The Move to East Nashville

We’re proud to be a part of the East Nashville community now. Our location on Woodland Street has been our home since 1960, and the famous Hosse & Hosse key marks the spot. Though we’ve moved a few times, we feel the location changes have only helped our reach and influence grow. Hosse & Hosse now serves several different communities in and around Nashville, including Antioch, Bellevue, Franklin, Mount Juliet, Donelson, Brentwood, and Madison.

Hosse & Hosse is one of the oldest businesses in Nashville for a reason. We take pride in providing the best possible security services for your home and office—and that’s been our mission for 150 years now.