Nashville's 7th Oldest Business Relocates and Brings Its Historic “Key” Sign With Them!

Nashville, TN Hosse and Hosse Safe & Lock Co., Nashville's oldest locksmith company and one of Nashville’s oldest businesses, is proud to announce that they have moved to 914 Woodland Street. A unique, family owned business, Hosse and Hosse has provided Middle Tennessee residents and businesses one of the most reliable and trusted business relationships for over 150 years. Opening for business just one year after the end of the Civil War, founder A. F. Hosse began repairing firearms on North Market Street (now 2nd Avenue). Shortly thereafter, more requests for locks and safe repair came in and A.F. expanded his services, which ultimately became the primary services Hosse and Hosse Safe & Lock Co. has offered for nearly fifteen decades.

Owner, Eric Roberts said, "We're very proud to be Middle Tennessee's oldest locksmith and Nashville's 7th oldest business. We take our legacy, heritage and reputation very seriously and appreciate the continued support from our community."

In this constant changing environment, where start-up businesses open and close, Hosse and Hosse is proud to have provided the highest quality of service that has allowed them to thrive since 1865.

One of the unique features of Hosse and Hosse Safe & Lock Co., is their lighted key shaped sign. This iconic landmark has traveled with them throughout their many years of service and still lights the way to their front door. It was created in 1949 and was the fifth neon sign to be designed in Nashville. It stands 20ft tall and has become a popular attraction for Nashville residents and visitors who have sought for a photographic souvenir over the decades. The sign made the move to the new location and will continue to represent Hosse and Hosse's brand for generations to come.

"Nashville has always been the "IT City" for us since 1865 and we're very excited for the future of our hometown and our business. While technology and strategies constantly change, the one thing both home and business owners seek is reliable and trusted security hardware and systems. That's what we hang our hat on and believe we provide the best services and products possible for all of our customers," stated Eric Roberts.

Hosse & Hosse Safe & Lock Co. and their partner company Action Security Systems work hand in hand to offer a full suite of security from hardware to security systems.

While the Nashville area is experiencing dramatic changes and prosperity, there’s one constant they can rely on, Hosse and Hosse Safe and Lock Co.

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