Lock Hardware for Homes and Businesses

HardwareProtecting your home and property requires more than just a good lock. The important job is to identify the best, most cost-effective solution for your home or business that gives you the best possible protection against break-ins.

Access Control

Keyless locks eliminate all the worries and hassles of keys. No more re-keying when a key is lost. Open your door with a 3 or 4 digit electronic code. No more fumbling for keys to open your door. 

Door Locks

Although many people think that building codes require a minimum level of quality and security for the door locks installed on their homes, most building codes don't even require a lock on exterior doors, let alone a minimum level of quality.

So most contractors will select locks based on price and let you, the homeowner or office manager, worry about quality locks after the construction.

Studies show that burglars think the quickest way to break into a home is through a door. Having a high-quality deadbolt can be a deterrent.

Door Hardware

Quality door hardware says a lot about a home or business. While new locks are one of the most inexpensive , they are also one of the most valuable upgrades that a homeowner can make to their home. Make a great first impression, starting at the front door and throughout the house!

In addition to lock hardware, we can also provide you with a security strike plate to help protect your home. A strike plate comes with every door lock, but frequently they're just for show and do not provide any security.

Where the strike plate attachs to the doorframe is often the first place that intruders attack because it is the weakest point in the whole door security system.

We have high security strike plates that come with a heavy gauge metal reinforcing plate that mounts under the cosmetic strike plate and come with 3" long screws that secure the strike to the wall framing, not just to the doorframe jamb.

The screw holes are staggered so the screws don't penetrate into the same grain of wood. The concept of screwing into different wood grains in the doorframe and wall framing is to make it more difficult to split the wood doorframe or wall framing when the door is impacted. This feature should be considered at every exterior door and at those doors coming from attached garages.


Protecting items outside your house, securing gates, and anti-theft protection for bicycles call for a good padlock. We carry a wide selection and can quickly meet your needs. Some of the types that are preferred are: combination padlocks, long shackle padlocks, bicycle chains and locks, weather-proof padlocks, and insurance rated padlocks.


When intruders are interviewed about the selection of a target, many say seeing quality deadbolt locks will cause them to move on to another house.

Hosse & Hosse recommends heavy duty deadbolt locks on exterior doors, doors between attached garages and living spaces and garage man doors (even if the garage is not attached to the house). We'll be glad to help advise you if you have any questions about the best door locks to use. 

Restricted Key Control

Locks provide no protection if others can copy your keys! Hosse & Hosse has an affordable solution that can retrofit into most existing hardware and will keep other people from copying your keys.

Here's a list of products we use:

  • Medeco
  • Adams Rite
  • Alabama Lock
  • American Lock
  • Arrow
  • Cal-Royal
  • Codelocks
  • Kaba Locks
  • KSP
  • LAB
  • LCN
  • Lockey USA
  • Securitron
  • Corbin Russwin
  • CompX
  • Detex
  • Don-Jo
  • Dorma
  • Exit Security Inc.
  • Markar
  • Marks USA
  • Master Lock
  • McKinney
  • Professional Lock Suppliers (PLS)
  • Falcon
  • Glynn Johnson
  • GMS Lock
  • Hager 
  • National Guard Products
  • Norton
  • Olympus Lock
  • Trimco
  • Kwikset
  • Trine
  • hes
  • IEI
  • ilco
  • IVES
  • Jackson
  • Rixson
  • ROFU
  • Von Duprin
  • Schlage
  • Select Hinges
  • Sargent