How to Increase Security for Your Fleet Vehicles

fleet vehicle lock maintenance

Maintaining a fleet of vehicles isn’t easy. You visit the dealership or mechanic often enough to become best friends with all those who perform maintenance and repairs. You also spend a lot of money keeping those vehicles on the road. What if you could save money by avoiding the dealership for security services? If you’re curious, we’ve got the answers.

Rekeying Locks

The door locks will wear out over time. Mistakes will be made, such as broken and stuck keys. Drivers will lose keys, thieves will take keys… It all adds up to a big bill from the dealership every time you visit for new locks. Fortunately, you can give the dealership a miss the next time you need to change the locks on your fleet vehicles.

We offer services for all types of vehicles and often have the hardware in stock. You can have a truck, van, or car rekeyed within just a matter of moments for a fraction of the cost a dealership would charge.

Key Copies

As an owner of a fleet of vehicles, you’ll probably need copies of car keys on a regular basis. It’s a good idea to keep originals in a safe place so you can make these copies whenever you need them. The next step is to work with a locksmith that always has the key blanks you need in stock.

Imagine walking into a locksmith shop and finding all the key blanks you could possibly need. This is what happens when you visit us. In no time at all, you can walk away with key copies for every vehicle in your fleet. No one else can make that kind of promise.

Transponder Keys

Some of the newer vehicles on the road rely on chips inside the key to start the car and even unlock it. If you’re using these vehicles, you already know that making copies of transponder keys is an expensive pain. Unless you come to Hosse & Hosse, that is.

We can help you copy any transponder keys for your fleet without ever sending you to the dealership. Not only that, but we can also save you up to 40% of the usual price. All of your problems are solved, right here in one shop.

If you’re looking for new security services for your fleet, don’t hesitate to reach out. We can visit your company for smaller jobs and even save you the trip. You can also drop in at any time to learn more about the various automotive locksmith services we offer.