Automotive Rekeying


The process of rekeying the lock on a car is a similar process to that of rekeying a commercial or residential lock. Fortunately, Hosse and Hosse has experience rekeying the locks of automotive vehicles as well as residences and commercial units.  Essentially, in rekeying a car lock, a locksmith will replace the tumblers of a lock cylinder with tumblers of other sizes.  This may be the actual ignition switch or simply the door locks. 

As with residential and commercial rekeying, either the ignition switch or the door locks will then need a new key in order to function correctly.  If you have misplaced your car keys or fear they may have been stolen, rekeying the door locks may be a wise option for protecting the security of your vehicle.  Some locksmiths may also suggest rekeying the locks on your car if you purchased it from an auction, a dealer, or a private party—this way you can ensure that you are the only person who has the working keys to your vehicle. 

As with many locksmith services, there are a variety of instructional videos and DIY how to’s available online, but Hosse and Hosse typically recommends entrusting one of our experienced locksmiths to rekey your car locks for you, especially considering many newer cars have transponder keys and other access systems that control entry to the vehicle. Rekeying the locks to your car may be a wise financial decision that has the potential to save you from large expenses (such as a stolen vehicle or a break in) later on.  If you have any questions about rekeying automotive locks, stop in and visit or call one of our experienced locksmiths.