3 Security Upgrades to Consider in 2015

security upgrades

As technology improves, so do the abilities of criminals. The cutting-edge security you put in place for your home or office a few years ago might not stand up to the skills of some thieves. You may need to upgrade your security solutions in the coming year to make sure your property stays safe.

High-Security Locks

Believe it or not, the locks on your home or office door may not be a huge theft deterrent. Many of the popular lock brands can be bumped or picked with little to no effort. You can install high-security locks from Medeco or Assa Abloy to slow criminals down or even stop them in their tracks.

Many of the best brands offer keys that can’t be duplicated. That means you’ll always know who has a copy of your house key or office key. This is especially helpful for property management companies that offer several residential or commercial rentals.

Coded Entry Locks

Property management firms may also consider coded entry locks for rental properties and commercial office buildings. These are even harder for criminals to crack, since the code is necessary for the tumblers to move. You also won’t need to worry about key copies floating around. Vacation-home owners find this especially helpful, because the codes can be changed between tenant stays. There are no keys to lose, and because the locks can’t be picked, tenants feel safer.

Alarm Monitoring

Alarm monitoring is the easiest way to discourage would-be thieves. Sometimes even the sign is enough to scare away criminals. However, there are some who have learned ways around the older alarm systems, which means an upgrade might be crucial. The latest systems can be controlled by cell phone app, offer cell phone communication with the monitoring company, and even provide hidden camera services. If you’re still getting by with the system installed several years ago, you’re at risk.

Hosse and Hosse can help with any of these security upgrades in 2015. When you’re ready to increase the security of your properties, we’ll be there to help.